Today automotive industry faces a variety of challenges globally. Compliance with complex safety regulations, Dealer disputes, Concerns with environmental impact, Intellectual property disputes, Technology Issue and licensing arrangements.

Our experts at RnZ advises many companies in the automotive sector including automobile manufacturers, distributors, dealers and suppliers of production parts and investment goods, logistics traders and investors. Our involvement is broad-based, spanning the entire lifecycle of a motor vehicle, from initial design to serial production, sale, distribution, corporate frauds and ultimately, disposal.

We work closely with colleagues who have extensive experience in other areas, which includes, engineers, M&A, corporate, antitrust and competition, litigation, arbitration, product liability and IP related matters. Our cross-border capabilities allows us to provide comprehensive, top-quality, one-stop legal strategies to meet your most pressing needs. 

Our lawyers have worked with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. We have also worked with suppliers of automotive parts, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors.

We help our clients with:

  • Warranty issues
  • Import and export controls
  • Product safety and liability
  • New designs and technology
  • All forms of recalls and field actions
  • Financing and investment opportunities
  • Environmental matters like sustainability, green procurement or electro-mobility
  • Commercial contracts such as supply contracts for parts and prototypes, logistics and distribution contracts.

As a law firm focused on modern technologies, we are particularly well equipped to assist, as technology is the key to the competing demands of the road safety, higher performance, environmental drivers, comfort, infotainment and worth for money. Our service for you is based on a deep experience of the automotive industry as we. Wewe genuinely understand the key elements of the marketplace as well as the business relationships that drive it.









For us, ULE team is not just our trademark service provider but our “All in one Legal Office ” they are providing fantastic legal services whether in terms of litigation or simple trademark filling in China, USA, EU and anywhere in the world.

Hu Xilin – CEO ​

Shenzhen Coredy Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (CN) & Coredy Inc. (USA)

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