Legal Compliance and Due Diligence

We work alongside in-house and/or external counsel to deliver cost-effective commercial due diligence and legal compliance. Our team at RNZ has years of experience with running, maintaining and reviewing documents.

RnZ provides Commercial Due Diligence which aims to informs decisions to clients by providing independent commercial and operational issues. RnZ concentrates on deep analysis of the market landscape, respecting the customer’s’ perspective and assessing the competitive dynamics, auditing operations, analyzing multiple cost/revenue events. To make investment decisions confidently, we use commercial due diligence to deliver the validation required for private equity firms. We further evaluate the landscape to identify opportunities, risks and validate our client’s investment. RnZ is known for challenging management plans based on objectivity and deep industry knowledge.

In addition to Commercial Due Diligence, RnZ offers Legal Compliance to help clients be aware of their legal obligations. Content customization and authoring tools allows clients to customize materials  and includes policies and other relevant resources.

These services that are provided by the legal experts at RnZ helps the clients in evaluating target management forecasts in the commercial environment, analyzing risks and opportunities in the target market and determining strength of the target’s competitive positioning.