Financial Services Regulation and Investigations

“As regulators around the world focus on the financial sector, never has
the regulatory change across the full spectrum of banking, insurance and
securities markets been so important.”

Legal Experts has a experienced team of chartered accountants and
financial experts globally along investigation partners who are closely
connected and linked with legislators, regulators, industrial bodies and
clients to achieve practical outcomes in the development of regulation.
Regulators all over the world are engaged in a significant overhaul of
their regulatory system as a consequence of the global financial crisis
and rapid market and regulatory changes. This has been seen in many
other countries.

firm has an international practice bringing together regulatory and
other lawyers across jurisdictions to obtain regulatory consents,
provide comparative evaluation of regulations across jurisdictions and
resolve regulatory problems. We also advise internationally active
clients on a wide range of cross-border issues, when they want to take a
product to a new country.

Legal Experts advises clients on services related to anti-money
laundering compliance, restructuring of boards and senior executive
responsibilities, regulatory investigations, examination criticisms and
enforcement actions, regulatory operations for the transfer of assets in
banks, including affiliated transfers, matters impacting insurers,
non-bank lenders, other financial institutions, recovery and resolution
of financial institutions.

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