Restructuring Sanctions, International Trade and Investment

United Legal Experts assists clients in planning the complex and competing requirements to which they may be subject”

United Legal Experts provides an integrated cross-jurisdictional advice and brings about the most complex and sensitive transactions in the market. When sanctions, international trade, and investment compliance rules are violated, this can lead to substantial risks which include criminal liability, fines, penalties, loss of business and reputational harm. 

Moreover, international trade is a complex area where the movement of goods between jurisdictions is subject to financial and trade restrictions. RnZ provides expert advice on matters relating to trade regulation and export controls, guiding clients through international trade laws and the interaction with economic and trade sanctions regimes. Our team also advises clients on matters of investment agreements and offers strong anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing expertise. 

Furthermore, United Legal Experts provides services to clients which includes assessing potential risks associated with particular contracts, relationships or proposed business ventures, including sanctions, export controls, anti-corruption, and foreign direct investment, advising on mergers & acquisitions, project finance and capital market transactions, lending, and on dealings with distributors, agents and other third parties. 

This includes conducting due diligence, drafting and negotiating suitable contractual protections, and setting in place operational, compliance and auditing protocol, advising on jurisdiction matters, for example, determining which sanctions apply to businesses or operations in other jurisdictions, to joint ventures, or to minority equity investments, drafting compliance policies and assisting clients with the implementation of these policies.

For us, ULE team is not just our trademark service provider but our “All in one Legal Office ” they are providing fantastic legal services whether in terms of litigation or simple trademark filling in China, USA, EU and anywhere in the world.

Hu Xilin – CEO ​

Shenzhen Coredy Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (CN) & Coredy Inc. (USA)

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