Taxes on Registered Firms, Personal, Employees and Company’s Taxation

“Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized.”  Albert Bushnell Hart

Our team of specialists provide comprehensive range of cross-border tax services, from advising clients on the choice of structure, to representing them in tax audit and tax litigation. With our global reach, we provide tax structuring advice not only to small enterprises but also to multinational corporations. 

Our area of expertise largely includes the following:

  • choice of structure
  • income deferral
  • profit allocation
  • tax incentives
  • tax disputes
  • withholding taxes
  • transfer pricing
  • tax return privacy
  • anti-avoidance regimes
  • international tax planning
  • remuneration planning
  • setting up group structures
  • property and IP holding structures
  • tax and investment treaties
  • whistleblower defence
  • acquisition structuring
  • competent authority proceeding
  • criminal tax defence
  • internal investigations
  • voluntary disclosures and tax amnesty representation
  • penalties and interest
  • supply chain solutions and outsourcing of services
  • Helping you deal with the tax authorities.
  • government audits, investigations and enforcement