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Civil Services – United Legal Experts

Civil Services

“Civil Services have become the key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move”

Civil servants, being an instrumental mechanism of the state, face a vast number of problems. Although the Civil Servants (appointment, promotion and transfer) Rules 1973 govern the procedure for their appointment and transfer, it is adversely affected by the unethical and capricious methods employed by the authorities. From matters involving appointment, adverse ACR’s, transfer, and issues regarding service tribunals, civil servants go through a lot of hurdles. 

The specialists at United Legal Experts have vast experience in providing advisory services to its clients. We not only cater to civil servants globally but also advise private individuals, companies, local authorities and government bodies. 

From drafting legal documents and handling complex contracts to settling disputed agreement issues, we aim to provide timely, cost effective, and comprehensive solutions, helping our clients succeed in their endeavors.