Labour, Employment benefits, and Industrial Relation

“United Legal Experts protects employees against any discrimination related to sexual harassment, appointment, and removal from services”

United Legal Experts represents employees as well as corporate companies on matters relating to
employment issues, benefits, and industrial relations. We have been
fighting for the rights of workers with International NGOs for reforming
the employments laws. In this era of the industrial revolution in
Pakistan, employment issues are taking much importance to reform it
according to the needs of the workers.

The issues related to discrimination related to appointment and
termination, recruitment appointment, removal from service, matters of
pension, sexual harassment, gratuity, and provident fund, or other
improper treatment in violation of labor law.  Our specialists represent
workers not being paid their tips, commissions or minimum, prevailing,
and overtime wages. United Legal Experts strives
to be an exceptional labor and employment law firm for the
representation of employees, workers,  labor unions and employee
benefits plans.

The law firm believes every employee is entitled to have
a workplace free of unlawful age, gender discrimination or race or
sexual harassment. We believe employee benefit plans are vital to make
certain that today’s workers and employees are protected from the
devastating effects of sudden illness and can look forward to a secure
retirement. our law firm offers clients sophisticated yet practical
legal advice to avoid unnecessary litigation. And when litigation is
required the law firm undertakes it as efficiently as possible.

We provide services in Drafting & Vetting of Employment Contracts and
Agreements, Legal Notices & Replies, Legal Opinion and representing
before all tribunals and courts on matter of employment and benefits.

For us, ULE team is not just our trademark service provider but our “All in one Legal Office ” they are providing fantastic legal services whether in terms of litigation or simple trademark filling in China, USA, EU and anywhere in the world.

Hu Xilin – CEO ​

Shenzhen Coredy Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (CN) & Coredy Inc. (USA)

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