Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly and Restraint of Trade

Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly and Restraint of Trade

“ With our help at United Legal Experts, clients gain competitive advantage by successfully planning the rapidly evolving competition and antitrust laws around the world to help them build and defend successful businesses”

The Antitrust and Competition Laws are complex and governs a broad range of business conduct which includes interaction with competitors, obtaining and retaining a dominant market position, forming supplier and customer arrangements, participation in trade associations, performance in joint ventures and corporate mergers and acquisitions. If your company  is considering forming a business alliance, working into a new market, taking a new tack with its competitors, implementing a new production, marketing or distribution strategy, or emerging through corporate development, United Legal Experts advise you regarding the matters concerning the requirements of antitrust and competition laws which is crucial.

Clients throughout the world seek the advice of our Antitrust and Competition lawyers at United Legal Experts. They count on our extensive experience in litigation against governmental authorities or private parties, counseling on delicate questions and wide-ranging worldwide coverage of merger control regimes. In addition, we offer our clients the services related to corporations, investment banks, partnerships, trade associations, information exchanges and individuals.

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