Infrastructure, transport and Logistics

Infrastructure, transport and Logistics

Pakistan is getting noticed because of the Port Gwadar and CPEC, and becoming the most emerging economies in the world.

It has been made clear to the world that Pakistan is passing through an economic transitional phase and once the CPEC starts working, this will become the world’s largest transit route. The rapid change in the Pakistan’s infrastructure, transport and logistics is bringing more investments in Pakistan. It is obvious that the transport and logistic laws and regulations are becoming more important in this region. 


RnZ experts are proud to facilitate trade and commerce in Southeast Asia by serving Asia-based regional transportation and logistics providers as well as multinational providers operating in Asia. We are willful to represent importers and exporters of all types including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of all industries.


Our expertise are in commercial, contract, regulatory, licensing, operating and dispute resolution counsel for maritime, cargo and passenger terminals, facilities and service providers, including infrastructure, finance, corporate support, environmental impact, port issues, deep sea issues to name a few. Moreover, RnZ started special desk in which we are providing special services to international investors in transport, logistics and port matters.

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