Maritime laws

  • Maritime
    and or shipping laws plays a major role in the global economy. Our team
    has an, with in-depth knowledge of the changing business landscape and,
    performs a fundamental advisory part. We closely work with the ship
    owners and financial institutions, advising them on a range of issues.
    From dealing with commodities to handling international trade work, we
    specialize in such complex advising projects. 

Our work involves the following:

  • Maritime Collisions, Fire, Grounding, General Average and Salvage claims
  • Maritime personal injury
  • Maritime liens
  • Cargo damage claims
  • Tort of Conversion
  • Oil or Noxious substances pollution incidents
  • Defence of environmental claims
  • Arrest of vessels and release from arrest.
  • Recreational and pleasure craft incidents
  • Organization and finance of shipping companies
  • Shipping company bankruptcies
  • Marine Insurance disputes
  • Ship building, sale, repair, and purchase agreements
  • Ship supply contracts and related disputes
  • Tugs & Towage
  • Charter Party Claims Bills of Lading disputes
  • Demurrage
  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Over and under Invoicing issues
  • Ship owners liability

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