Oil and Gas

A century ago, petroleum – what we call oil – was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water.

The growing demand for energy creates more legal and commercial risks across the sector of oil and gas. The oil and gas is one side of BLP wider energy, natural resources capability that extends to include all forms of power generation, mining and water.

RnZ is providing the quality services in the private and public sectors of oil, gas and petroleum industries around the world to meet the legal challenges through our innovative and dedicated team. Our qualified team experts focus on the best solution to the complexities arising in LNG and petrochemical transactions worldwide. 

RnZ mainly focuses on advising governments, national and international Oil companies over all aspects of the oil and gas supply chain which includes upstream (exploration and production), midstream (storage and transportation), marketing and refining, downstream (fuels and lubricants, retail and chemicals) as well as the LNG and related productions.

We know how to protect the interests of our client from developing the business in the sector to the legal commercial issues which further may arise.  We give the best legal advice to help you achieve your commercial objectives. We have a long standing proven relationships with the leading oil and gas companies.