Energy and Power Sector

Energy and Power Sector

“Energy is one of the most important and fast changing industrial sectors”

The United Legal Experts team aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, growing global demand and security of supply and aging energy assets as a result of governments and energy companies who face complex and challenging decisions that will have an impact on economic prosperity and the long-term health of the environment. Our power industry has also undergone a transition from a regulated industry dominated by integrated monopolies to one based upon competitors. We have strategies to protect market participants from the vagaries of unstable market design and have assisted our clients to navigate the resulting market failures.

United Legal Experts provides the clients with advice on matters in relation to power and energy (including IWPPs), transmission and distribution, carbon capture and storage, oil & gas (up, mid and downstream and LNG) and climate change. Furthermore, United Legal Experts aims to provide advice on the complete lifecycle of these assets, from the consenting and planning process, through to the construction, financing, maintenance, operation and ultimately their refinancing or sale. We advise sellers and acquirers (in M&A transactions), corporate, project sponsors, financial/passive investors, suppliers, manufacturers, governments and debt funders (including banks, ECAs, bond arrangers, DFIs and multilateral) on energy transactions globally.  These transactions are aided by our specialists in areas such as regulatory, environmental, antitrust, tax, employment, and planning law.

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