Banking and Financial Institutions

There was a drastic change in Pakistan’s banking and financial sector in the last few decades, which has now changed the views of banking law.

Also the banks which were once determined to increase deposits at any cost are now reluctant to increase their capital costs, due to which  the Banking industry is in a state of depression. Due to high increasing cost of living in Pakistan and inflation, many consumers who were once seen as risk free by banks are now being denied loans. This resulted in litigation at a high rate in the banking sector of Pakistan. Banks are now operating more active policy to remove the recovery of debt, while some aggressive banks have started to use measures that are sometimes too offensive which has resulted in violation of basic consumer rights. This is where RnZ comes in, we always give importance to resolve the matters in the most amicable fashion, however legal suit may be used as last resort.

RnZ lawyers are experienced with the full range of specialized financial products. Our knowledge of the financial services industry and experience in regulatory matters has allowed our clients to achieve their business goals in a timely and cost effective manner.

RnZ team deals with various legal issues regarding modern banking relating to the traditional activities of customer deposits, lending money and paying out on demand to all kinds of asset securitization. We have deep experience in consulting, advising, litigating, negotiating, providing policy advice, donors and borrowers on secured and other lending transaction.

The firm’s extensive knowledge enables it to provide clients with comprehensive legal advice on sophisticated transactional and advisory roles in virtually all the financial centers all over Pakistan. The team represents commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, private equity firms and exchanges on the full range of legal matters affecting their activities and operations. The team’s broad range of experience provide clients with a unique practice that is essential to navigate in today’s demanding and complex environment.

For us, ULE team is not just our trademark service provider but our “All in one Legal Office ” they are providing fantastic legal services whether in terms of litigation or simple trademark filling in China, USA, EU and anywhere in the world.

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